I got a notification on my iPhone saying that my smashtess.com account has appeared in a data link, should I be concerned?

Apple has introduced a new security feature to protect your passwords on your phone. Every time it suspects your password has been compromised an alert pops up on your phone stating the following:

Compromised Password

The password for your "smashtess.com" account has appeared in a data leak, putting your account at high risk of compromise. iPhone can help you re-secure your account.

If you see this, we recommend resetting your password here

The reasons this may have happened are:

  • If you use the same password on the Smash + Tess website as any other website that you use the information could have been leaked by any one of those shared websites. It is almost impossible to figure out which site the leak stems from so, you should just reset your password on this site as well as any other where it is used.

  • If you do not use this password on any site other than Smash + Tess then the leak likely came from elsewhere in the world as we use a very secure e-commerce platform but we still recommend resetting your password to be safe. More info below.

Breach detection software continually searches for your password phrase in data breaches across the internet but when it detects a match to that password phrase it isn't necessarily linked back to you. For example, say your bank password is bank123, the breach detection software scours ALL data breaches for that password across all websites and users worldwide - if it finds any match, anywhere, it will flag it.

If another person in a different country happens to have an online account with that same password of bank123 and their account gets compromised, you'd also get notified of that data breach because the software is only able to link breaches to passwords in general and not your specific account. Your account might not be at risk at all and the breach is not linked to you or any website you use but either way, it would still get flagged.

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