How should I store my Romper?

While you can hang our fashion pieces, we don’t recommend that you hang your rompers that are made from a bamboo + cotton blend. Over time, this will cause the Romper to stretch, and no one wants that! We have the perfect way for you to fold and store your Romper.  


Step 1:  

Lay the Romper flat, front down  


Step 2:   

Fold up the legs, and fold in the arms if it has sleeves  


Step 3:  

Fold the bottom of the Romper up, so it is now in half  


Step 4:   

Fold the Romper right to left  


Step 5:  

Fold the Romper in half again  


Perfection! Now you have a perfect little romper package to store in your drawer! 

Find photos of each step on our blog! 

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